Mufasa & KD| Bean Boozled EPIC FAIL!!!


We got that Bean Boozled Challenge on deck!!!
Bean Boozled is a chance game where you never know exactly which flavor you have. This game was a major fail!!! We will not be playing this little game again. The flavors are ridiculous!! We could not believe how anyone could play multiple rounds like we did and we can’t believe how anyone could put those flavors in a jelly bean! But we hope you guys get plenty of laughs out of our reactions! We thank Gary’s parents for being good sports and playing along!

Hey guys, If you would like to give the game a try and you want to experience the same flavors as we had, you will need to look for the 4th edition.
Flavors include:
1. Spoiled Milk & Coconut
2. Dead Fish & Strawberry Banana Smoothie
3. Rotten Egg & Buttered Popcorn
4. Toothpaste & Berry Blue
5. Barf & Peach
6. Canned Dog Food & Chocolate Pudding
7. Booger & Juicy Pear
8. Moldy Cheese & Caramel Corn
9. Stinky Socks & Tutti-Fruitti
10. Lawn Clippings & Lime
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